Revision Breast Reduction Surgery

Although we go in to this procedure believing one surgery will result in a stellar outcome, revisions may sometimes be needed.Unfortunately there is the possibility of a failed lift, excessive asymmetry, or justifiable dissatisfaction due surgeon error.Please determine who is financially responsible in the unlikely event this scenario takes place.I have several friends who, although they paid for an original surgery, the technique chosen by the surgeon did not do the job.Some of these patients were forced to pay the full amount, some needed only to pay for operating room time and surgical supplies, some, no charge.

We must be responsible and honest with ourselves and with our surgeons.It is neither polite nor realistic to demand a revision surgery for unjustifiable reasons. After your surgery, your breasts will not be perfect, they will have scars and they may be smaller than you had thought would look good. You will usually need to wait at least 6 months to heal before an additional surgery for cosmetic reasons should be performed.

Revisions are usually sought if there is an abnormal amount of asymmetry that is clearly the fault of the surgeon, a failed lift, a complication such as hematoma or seroma appears, an internal suture or suspension breaks, necrosis, infection, or other situations of this nature. Improvement is what you are ultimately after, but superior care and respect are your rights as a patient. However, many problems are not the fault of the surgeon as the body tends to heal very differently from one patient to the next.

Before you pay for your primary surgery, discuss with your surgeon the possibility of revision surgery within a reasonable time frame and establish an agreement regarding it. This will cover all bases in the unfortunate event of the need for an additional procedure. Determining this in advance and having documentation to back it up rules out the possibility that he or she will have you cover all the costs.

Just remember there are guidelines for the surgeon's responsibility, so be reasonable. If it is his or her fault, you deserve a revision at no cost to you, usually with the exception of medications or lab work. More than likely there will be no need for a second surgery, but you should always prepare for the worst and hope for the best in any situation.