Post-operative Support Garments

Support garments are very important and imperative for a proper healing. Support garments or compression wraps are always utilized after breast reduction surgery, as they significantly help relieve suture tension, and can aide in reduction of swelling and pain. Many breast lift patients may experience a throbbing sensation after their reduction mammoplasty when not wearing a support garment and choose to keep their supportive bras on for at least 6 weeks. Increased tension on the new suture lines can also cause the scars to stretch, so a proper, supportive bra should be worn until scar tissue maturation, which in truth may take up to a year.

These garments or support bras are usually an out of pocket expense for many patients although, some surgeons do include them in their price. However, not all are made from the same cloth so to speak. Many are nothing more than sheer, low quality material and ready to tear any moment. Fortunately, there are fabulous garments out there with padded zippers, run-stop fabrics, even in custom specifications, and they don't come cheap either. However, you do get what you pay for, so shop wisely.

Price Range

Support Garments may cost anywhere from $10. for a cheap sportsbra to $120. for a high quality post-operative bra. Price depends upon the quality, garment type and if it is a custom product. Colors are usually white or off white, however more and more companies are offering beige and black color choices to their catalogs. Compare prices from your surgeon and from online companies. Also compare quality, the last thing you need is a garment ripping as soon as you go to put it on after your first shower or thin, flimsy straps breaking at an inopportune time. Consider buying TWO, one to wear while the other is being laundered.